• More About Us

    Building a Foundation for Life-long Learning

    Stellar Learning Academy is a private, home-based school located in San Jose, California. This is a small, personal school offering education in Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School. Stellar creates a safe, happy, and comfortable environment for students to learn and thrive. The emphasis is on learning for application in each student's life, and understanding for use. This is what sets us apart - too often we find students that come to us because they are overwhelmed by their current school or study situation. They are being told what to learn, but not given the tools to learn how to learn. This can be very frustrating for students as well as parents.

    Our Learning Philosophy
    Stellar Learning Academy is an Applied Scholastics™ school. This means Stellar has the right to use Study Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. The test of any methodology or technology is whether it gets results. In our fast-paced society of continual progress and new achievement, the demand for educational programs that facilitate learning, conceptual understanding and real-world application is greater than ever. Whether you are a teacher or a professor, a parent or a student, Study Technology can help you.
    Each new student is tested and placed at the correct gradient in his or her academic subjects, especially in reading, math and vocabulary. A student can be in 9th grade, for example, and doing some 3rd grade level math. Once the missing bits are learned, the student is brought quickly forward, and most frequently, ahead of their current grade level in any given subject.
    Stellar Learning Academy uses the Study Technology tools to help students reach their potential. Along with their tailored study program, students do courses on how to study based on their reading level. Beginning students do the course Learning How to Learn. More skilled readers use Study Skills for Life and Basic Study Manual.Students also learn How to Use a Dictionary and Grammar and Communication to master essential dictionary skills and the basics of Grammar. These tools are priceless to any student and allow students to succeed in their academic adventure ahead of them.
    At Stellar, I work with the student to use Study Technology in each one of the subjects he or she studies. I frequently assist a student to move significantly ahead of grade level. This is accelerated learning!
    Subjects are studied until the student has full understanding and application. Using academic textbooks and study programs created for the individual, students can resolve a confusion, clear up challenging subjects, and learn more about subjects of particular interest. Our trained and interested faculty are there to instruct and assist your child.
    This is a really fun way for a student to learn! I help each student find his or her own reasons for learning something - how that student plans to use that material in their life. Spending the time to work with a student in developing a purpose for learning is time I consider very well spent.